Sabtu, 17 Mei 2014

Laser / MIG Welding and laser cutting

Pangeo has introduced state-of-the-art fiber optic laser welding technology in China.
The Pangeo Hunan facility is equipped with five high-power (2,000W) fiber optic laser welding production lines, which are mainly used for the welding of automotive transmission parts. The weld cell integration was developed and constructed by Pangeo’s global automation team. Pangeo has also uniquely applied this laser technology to a cutting operation in its mass production process.
Pangeo has implemented two robotic MIG weld cells to ensure repeatable weld results. All weld fixtures includes error proofing to detect proper part loading before welding commences. Pangeo welded components are used in seating, interior mechanism, and powertrain assemblies. The welding applications encompass both structural and safety requirements.
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Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Laser processing

Laser processing
Aerotech serve the needs of more sophisticated than the laser processing and laser machining applications by manufacturing high-performance systems and components for laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding (including seam welding and seam welding airtight), laser etching and laser machining and laser micromachining and other applications. Aerotech developments in the fields of mechanical, control, laser control software and has been providing end users, system integrators and OEMs with the best laser cutting, laser welding, laser etching and laser marking systems available today.

Kami respon masalah pelangan kami
Kepemimpinan dalam industri ini telah bertahun-tahun  mendengarkan kebutuhan dan keluhan pelanggan kami. Umpan balik yang sangat berharga ini telah mengarahkan kami kepada pengembangan dari laser cutting canggih dan laser menandai fitur seperti output Posisi Synchronized untuk pendaftaran laser yang tepat dan akurat, hardcover disegel desain panggung untuk hidup panjang dan pemeliharaan rendah dari komponen laser cutting, dan merencanakan canggih dan utilitas diagnostik yang memungkinkan debugging cepat proses dan gerak parameter.  laser cutting kami, laser welding, laser marking dan sistem etsa laser yang menyediakan Anda dengan biaya terendah dan murah  kepemilikan dan keuntungan terbaik atas investasi Anda.

Innovative and appropriate solutions
New developments in laser cutting and laser systems include the ability to seamlessly integrate with PLCs and motion vision capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive automation solutions and accurate for your needs. Coupling this advanced software solutions with high-performance direct-drive linear and rotary stages provide laser machine manufacturer with a solid foundation to build the highest throughput and most accurate machine in the laser processing industry. We offer a complete solution for 2D, 2.5D and 3D laser cutting, laser welding and other laser machining applications. Aerotech can provide precision aligned, multi-axis, articulated system with micron level using the rotary axis of the intersection and orthogonal arc-seconds between sumbu.ini innovative solutions once
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Senin, 29 April 2013


Short laser pulse can produce very high power density is very high energy practical matter evaporates without passing through a liquid phase. but few results effluents from this process. Each laser pulse can produce a small depression which is usually 10, 20, or more micrometers with only a few micrometers in diameter.For a very long time, few people had ever heard of the arrangement with the solid-state laser. The increase in popularity of microprocessing has focused more attention on this process. allows both processes to machine workpieces in small and ultrasmall dimensions.
laser ablation
typically used in the manufacture of tools and molds in the electronics and semiconductor technology. In injection molding, for example, the laser produces highly detailed, three-dimensional mold where the resin is injected to make plastics. Lasers, however, can also be used to trim resistor or part marks selectively removing thin layers of material.
Percussion drilling at several laser pulses "peck" on the workpiece, producing a hole little by little. Producing a pilot hole, which is then enlarged in a series of circular motion is called trepanning. Helical drilling means more work laser pulses into the workpiece in a downward spiral.
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